Registration information

Please note that online registration is compulsory for Chronos 9 speakers. 

Registration fees:
        Normal fee (students and non-students) : 50 euros
        Members of institutions sponsoring Chronos 9 (LLF, SFL, Institut Jean-Nicod, GDR 2521 and U. Paris 7) : free
        Conference dinner (to be held on 3. September) : 43 euros (optional)

The conference does not offer a one-day registration option.

Registration for Chronos 9 is a two-step process:
  1. Pre-registration is effected online via a dedicated website operated by the CNRS; organizers will then validate your data, and allow you to access actual registration (registration confirmation) on the very same Chronos 9 registration webpage.
  2. One you have gone through pre-registration (i.e. once your data has been validated by the organizing committee), you can go ahead and actually register (online again).

To access the registration website, please click here (choose a language, then click on "Chronos 9" among all the conferences currently available for registration).

Confirmation emails (including an invoice... in French -- sorry about this, it is automatically generated) will be sent to you at the end of both step 1 and step 2 (please do not delete those emails, as you may need them later on to access your registration information).

Conference dinner (3. September -- venue t.b.a.)

If you wish to attend the conference dinner on 3. September (additional fee: 43 euros), please add the corresponding option (tick the "Dîner de conférence/conference dinner" box on the page before check out) during step 2 (actual registration/registration confirmation). Note that last-minute, on-site registration for the conference dinner will not be possible.

Important notice:

You will need to go through BOTH pre-registration and registration to be a Chronos 9 registered participant. Pre-registering is not enough. The whole registration process takes at least 24 hours, possibly up to 48 hours, so please, do not wait till the last minute to register. The deadline for registration confirmation is 1. September 2009.

On-site registration will be open to non-speakers only. In case this online registration procedure is problematic for you, please contact us.