Informations for (prospective) Chronos 9 authors

A selection of papers presented at Chronos 9 will be published by Rodopi in a volume of Cahiers Chronos. It is our intention to publish, in addition, a second volume of conference proceedings through a different publisher; thus, we strongly encourage your submission.

How to submit your Chronos 9 paper for publication

The paper must be of 8,000 words or less, preferably formatted using the Chronos Word template (available here),  following the Chronos Guidelines for Contributors (available here).  The paper should not contain the name(s) of the author(s) or any other information that might identify the author(s).

The deadline for the submission is March 15, 2010.  Please submit your contributions as e-mail attachments to both Microsoft Word and PDF.  We will not be able to accept any other file format.  Submitted papers will be anonymously peer-reviewed.

As you e-mail your contributions to us, please specify the subject header as "Chronos 9 Proceedings" and include the following information in the main body of the message:

1. Name(s) of the author(s) and affiliation(s)

2. Title of the paper

3. E-mail addresses of all authors

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email.

Information on the (now past) Chronos 9 conference

Alphabetical list of Chronos 9 participants & talks




Aalstein, Anna INL Aspect makers in Polish and Sranan: the case of statives Parasession
Alcazar, Asier Univ of Missouri-Columbia The Truncation/Expansion of Evidential Meaning in Quechua & Basque Parasession
Amourette, Céline
Mortamet, Clara
Université de rouen-LIDIFRA L’emploi des modes et des temps en swahili d’après l’étude de Pères Blancs missionnaires Session principale
Arkadiev, Peter Institute of Slavic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences ASPECTUAL USES OF PREFIX be- IN LITHUANIAN Session principale
Aydogan, Ibrahim INALCO Le médiatif en kurde-kurmandji: une résurgence du système verbal du kurmandji Parasession
Banouksa, Yos UFRL, Université Paris 7 LE PASSE IMMEDIAT EN KHMER CONTEMPORAIN Parasession
Bergqvist, Henrik Stockholm University Encoded features of epistemic inter-subjectivity: towards a typology Session principale
Bertucci, Roberlei Universidade de São Paulo Some remarks on começar and passar in Brazilian Portuguese Session principale
Borgonovo, Claudia Université Laval Spanish verb complexes and pluractionality Workshop scalarity & aspect
Borik, Olga Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Bringing together tense and mood in Capeverdean Creole Parasession
Bres, Jacques
Azzopardi, Sophie
Praxiling, UMR 5267 CNRS-Montpellier III Futur et conditionnel en français : mêmes combats temporels et modaux ? Session principale
Brocardo, Maria Teresa Universidade Nova de Lisboa A diachronic perspective of Portuguese Pluperfect Session principale
Brucale, Luisa
Mocciaro, Egle
Burnett, Heather University of California, Los Angeles Beyond the Frege Boundary in the Event Domain Session principale
Carmello, Marco University of Turin Some Considerations about the Aorist in Ancient Greek Session principale
Caselli, Tommaso ILC-CNR, Pisa Tense and Temporal Relations in Italian Text/Discourse Session principale
Caudal, Patrick
Roussarie, Laurent
Ritz, Marie-Eve
Dench, Alan
CNRS & Université Paris-Diderot
Université Paris 8
University of Western Australia
Change-of-stage vs. change-of-individual: the Nyamal usitative Session principale
Champollion, Lucas University of Pennsylvania For-adverbials quantify over subintervals, not subevents Session principale
Clarke, Sarah University of Toronto The markedness of State in Japanese Session principale
Costachescu, Adriana Université de Craiova, Faculté des Lettres, Département de Français Aspect, espace et prédication multiple Session principale
Crainiceanu, Ilinca "Spiru Haret" University, Bucharest, Romania On the Relationship between the Properties of Atelicity and Partitivity. The Case of Romanian Session principale
Csirmaz, Aniko
Clayton, Paul Edward
University of Utah Maximal interpretation of temporal and spatial adverbs Session principale
Csirmaz, Aniko University of Utah Telicity, particles and variable scales Workshop scalarity & aspect
Cunha, Luís Filipe
Ferreira, Idalina
Leal, António
Centro de Linguística da Universidade do Porto The Count / Mass Distinction across Grammatical Categories Session principale
De Wit, Astrid
Brisard, Frank
Universiteit Antwerpen Modal meanings of the English (present) progressive Session principale
Defina, Rebecca Leiden University Avatime: a tenseless language? A question of semantics versus pragmatics Parasession
Devriendt, Emilie
Patard, Adeline
Université du Sud Toulon Var Le conditionnel français en diachronie : une exploration textuelle et co(n)textuelle Session principale
Donazzan, Marta
Tovena, Lucia
Schwer, Sylviane
Université Paris 7
Université Paris 13
Université Paris 7
Encore: repétition, et plus si affinité Session principale
Eberle, Kurt University of Stuttgart & Lingenio GmbH -ung Nominalizations of Verbs of Saying in German, Events and Propositions Session principale
Emeksiz, Zeynep Erk   Anadolu University     Temporal structure of noun clauses in Turkish   Session principale 
Falaus, Anamaria University of Nantes, LLING Epistemic modality and dependent indefinites Session principale
Farudi, Annahita University of Massachusetts, Amherst Counterfactual modal sentences in English and Persian Session principale
Filipovic, Luna University of Cambridge Aspectual meanings in two cognitive domains: From verbs to constructions Session principale
Fradin, Bernard LLF, CNRS & U Paris-Diderot Paris 7 Stative predicates and nominalization in French Session principale
Froehlich, Gerhard University of Graz/Austria Contextual Determination in the Russian Aspect System Session principale
Furmaniak, Gregory Paris 3 L'epistemique est il derive du radical Session principale
Galambos, Alexandra   Aspect and veridicality: evidence from Russian Session principale
Gallego, Ángel J.
Uriagereka, Juan
CLT - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
University of Maryland
Defective Tense, Reprojection, and Cyclic Transfer Session principale
Gerasimov, Dmitry Institute for Linguistic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences Functional projections of TAM categories and transcategorial operations: Evidence from Paraguayan Gu Session principale
Gerner, Matthias City University of Hong Kong THE AMBI-PERFECTIVE IN YONGREN LOLO Session principale
Grano, Thomas University of Chicago English emotive factive verbs and the semantics of nonnite complementation Session principale
Grunow-Harsta, Karen
Yap, Foong Ha
Chinese University of Hong Kong From nominalizer to tense-aspect-mood marker: Session principale
Guven, Mine Beykent University Underspecification in a degree modifier: The case of çok ‘very, much, well’ in Turkish Workshop scalarity & aspect
Hallman, Peter UCLA On the Duration of States Session principale
Hancil, Sylvie University of Rouen Aspect and stative verbs: new insights Session principale
Huyghe, Richard
Jugnet, Anne
Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7
Université Lille 3
The aspectual properties of French deverbal state nouns Session principale
Iwamoto, Enoch Kanda University of International Studies, Chiba, Japan Toward the Typology of Stativization: The Polysemous Behavior of the Japanese -te iru Form Session principale
Jens, Fleischhauer University of Düsseldorf Telicity and open-scale gradation in German Workshop scalarity & aspect
Jeschull, Liane Harvard University Scalar vs. Absolute Aspect: Evidence from Acquisition Workshop scalarity & aspect
Jezek, Elisabetta Pavia University Modes of coming into being Workshop scalarity & aspect
Klecha, Peter University of Chicago The Modality of English Futures Session principale
Koga, Hiroki
Ono, Koji
Saga University Surface constraints on multiple default morphemes of tense Session principale
Krasikova, Sveta University of Tübingen Weak and strong necessity modals in scalar contexts Session principale
Kyriakaki, Maria University of Toronto When desiderative exclamations meet the conditionals: The case of Greek Session principale
Lochbihler, Bethany
Mathieu, Eric
McGill University
University of Ottawa
The status of Tense in Ojibwe Parasession
Lungu, Oana Université de Nantes (LLING-EA 3827) The Embedded Present in Romanian: An Issue of (Non)Commitment Session principale
Manente, Mara Dipartimento di Scienze del Linguaggio, Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia Sur la syntaxe et la sémantique de l'Aspect de la construction participiale absolue Session principale
Martin, Fabienne U. Stuttgart On the distribution of the imparfait with stage level predicates in French Session principale
Miecznikowski, Johanna
Zlatkova, Gergana
Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano Italian sembra/pare vs. sembrerebbe/parrebbe: modal, evidential and argumentative aspects Session principale
Nordlinger, Rachel University of Melbourne Serialised aspect in Murrinh-Patha Parasession
Nuyts, Jan CGCT, University of Antwerp Qualificational meanings, illocutionary signals, and the cognitive planning of language use Session principale
Oliveira, Fátima
Leal, António
Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto
Centro de Linguística da Universidade do Porto
Processes with culmination Session principale
Pablos, Leticia University of the Basque Country & University of Reading Testing the licensing constraints of Negative Polarity Items through Polarity Subjunctive in Spanish Session principale
Paillard, Denis UMR 7110, CNRS & University Paris 7 TAM à l'épreuve du khmer - le khmer à l'épreuve de TAM. Le cas de ba:n Session principale
Panzeri, Francesca Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca The aspectual properties of predicates with implicit arguments Workshop scalarity & aspect
Pazelskaya, Anna ABBYY Software Infinite actionality: Aktionsart values of –p-converbs in Tuba Workshop scalarity & aspect
Petrova, Nyurguyana State University of New York at Buffalo Syntax-Pragmatics interface in converbal constructions Session principale
Pires de Oliveira, Roberta
Pessotto dos Santos, Ana Lúcia
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina/CNPq
Universidade federal de Santa Catarina
Epistemic Modal Auxiliaries in Brazilian Portuguese: 'pode' versus 'podia' Session principale
Popescu, Cecilia - Mihaela Universite de Craiova Sur les modalités de la phrase conditionnelle du latin classique Session principale
Prescod, Paula IPL, Amiens Creole reflexes of English do: zeroing in on tense, aspect and modality in Vincentian creole Parasession
Ramchand, Gillian CASTL/University of Tromsø Anchoring with Tense and Modals Session principale
Rastelli, Stefano University of Pavia The building blocks of second language Actionality: telicity in L2 Italian Session principale
Rau, Jennifer University of Tuebingen, Germany Semantic presuppositions and the German tense/mood system Session principale
Rebotier, Aude Université de Reims-Champagne Ardenne, laboratoires CELTA (Paris IV) et CIRLEP (Reims) Devoir, sollen, be to : les emplois temporels de la modalité de nécessité Session principale
Reintges, Chris CNRS & University Paris 7 ‘HIGH’ ANALYTICITY AND THE VERB-TENSE RELATION Session principale
Reis Silva, Amélia University of British Columbia Circumstantial modality in Blackfoot Parasession
Reis Silva, Amélia University of British Columbia Perfective aspect and actuality entailments: A cross-linguistic approach Parasession
Rezai, Vali University of Isfahan On progressiveness in Persian Session principale
Rosenberg, Maria Stockholm University Events and Action Modality within Swedish Agentive Nominal Compounds Session principale
Rubinstein, Aynat
Hashimoto, Masashi
Davis, Christopher
University of Massachusetts Amherst Decoupling tense and aspect in Chinese Session principale
Sarrazin, Sophie Praxiling UMR 5267, CNRS-Montpellier III Les nouveaux usages du conditionnel dit journalistique en espagnol : un retour aux sources ? Session principale
Sawada, Osamu University of Chicago The meaning of numerical additive particles: the case of Japanese 'moo' and 'ato' Workshop scalarity & aspect
Schaden, Gerhard CNRS LLF/Université Paris 7 Contre le temps d'assertion Session principale
Silvano, Purificação
Cunha, Luís Filipe
Centro de Linguística da Universidade do Porto (Centre of Linguistics of the University of Porto) After and before-clauses in European Portuguese: temporal and aspectual properties Session principale
Sokolova, Svetlana University of Tromsø, Norway Does Aspect Solve the Ambiguity of the Modal? A Case Study of Russian Modal Verbs Session principale
Stirling, Lesley The University of Melbourne The semantics of tense and aspect in Kala Lagaw Ya Parasession
Tamano, Ken'iti  NAIST Italo-French comparison in the semantics of subjunctive mood Session principale
Tamm, Anne
Wagner-Nagy, Beata
Università degli Studi di Firenze
Linguistics Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
The caritive and abessive negation in Nganasan Parasession
Tamm, Anne Università degli Studi di Firenze Scalar and nonscalar features in the Estonian aspectual lexicon Workshop scalarity & aspect
Tansiri, Kachen Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand A Closer Look at the Grammaticalization of an Anterior-perfective Aspect Marker, laew45, in Thai Session principale
Tarantola, Andrea
Papa, Valentina
University of Florence (IT) Past is irrealis in Capeverdean tenseless sentences Parasession
Tatevosov, Sergei Moscow State University Degrees and endpoints of change: evidence from Turkic Workshop scalarity & aspect
Thach, Deth
Paillard, Denis
URBA. Phnom Penh
UMR 7110, CNRS & Université Paris 7
La négation modale en khmer Parasession
Tham, Shiao Wei Wellesley College Event structure shifts and morphological resources Session principale
Tovena, Lucia
Schaden, Gerhard
Université Paris 7/CNRS LLF Immediate anteriority with and without scales Workshop scalarity & aspect
Turner, Claire University of Surrey The interaction of control and aspect in Salish languages: SENĆOŦEN reflexives Parasession
Uegaki, Wataru University of Tokyo Japanese resultative phrases as verbal degree modifiers Workshop scalarity & aspect
Ürögdi, Barbara
MacDonald, Jonathan
Research Institute of Linguistics - Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Center for Theoretical Linguistics - Autonomous University of Barcelona
Duratives, negation and reference time identification Session principale
Valma, Eleni
Petrovic, Marijana
Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense
Les langues et les parlers balkaniques: des valeurs aspecto-temporelles aux valeurs modales du futur Session principale
van de Vate, Marleen CASTL/Universitetet i Tromsø Past time reference in Saamáka Parasession
Vander Klok, Jozina McGill University Distinguishing the future: 'arep' and 'bakal' in Javanese Parasession
Verroens, Filip University of ghent Analyse aspectuelle des constructions inchoatives françaises se mettre à et commencer à Session principale
Vilkki, Liisa University of Helsinki Semantic typology of epistemic and inferential expressions Session principale
Vraciu, Eleonora Alexandra Université Paris X Nanterre 7 Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Les stades avancés de l’acquisition de l’anglais L2 par des apprenants francophones: le cas du borna Session principale